Frequently Asked Questions about the Mathematics Assessment Test and Practice Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mathematics Skills Assessment Test for Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Technology students

Why do I have to write the test?

Seneca College is committed to student success. Our programs, which prepare graduates to practice as professional technicians and technologists, are heavily dependent upon mathematics. We have found that many of our students struggle with mathematics and this compromises their ability to progress in their program. Therefore, this mandatory placement test ensures you will have the best mathematics learning experience and the foundation to be successful in your studies at Seneca.

What is the test?

The CAT3 level 19 test (Canadian Achievement Tests) is a normalized, validated test that has been administered to thousands of Canadian students. Information is available at:

Is this test a condition of acceptance?

No, you have already been accepted into a school and program within the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Technology (FASET).

Is this mathematics skills assessment a condition of placement?

Yes. An alternate mathematics course (MTH148) has been developed to enhance student learning experience. Such features as increased instructional hours, multiple evaluation strategies and increased used of technology and visualization systems are key factors in this course.

When should I write the test?

As soon as possible as this allows your timetable to be confirmed well in advance of semester start. You can book an appointment to write the test by calling (416) 491-5050 ext 6868.

It is very important that it be completed at least two weeks before the start of the semester in order to complete scheduling.

How do I book an appointment to write the test? Where is it written?

To book your test, please call (416) 491-5050 ext 6868.
The test will be written at:
Seneca@York Campus, Test Centre (S1112), located at 70 The Pond Road, Toronto, ON, M3J3M6.

Please note that you will need to present photo identification when you arrive to write the test.

How can I prepare for this test? Where can I get some practice questions?

Try the practice questions below. In order to get the most benefit from the experience you should simulate the test environment as much as possible when you do these questions. This means you should NOT USE A CALCULATOR and should be able to complete 30 questions in 40 minutes.

What if I miss my appointment for the placement test?

You will need to call (416) 491-5050 ext 6868 and reschedule.

What is the format of the test? How many questions? How long do I have to write it?

This 40 minute test is a paper based test consisting of 30 multiple choice questions. Answers are recorded on a Scantron card. CALCULATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED. You will be provided paper to do your work, and this must be submitted with your Scantron card.

What am I allowed to bring?

You will need to bring photo identification, pencils - NO CALCULATOR and no food or drinks are allowed.

What does my score mean? How does my score affect my placement? How is this test used?

Your test profile result consists of a raw score, stanine score and grade equivalent. Dependent on your raw score you will be placed in the math course that best suits your needs. For example, all FASET schools offer a preparatory mathematics course (MTH148) and program-dependent diploma math courses.

Do I get to see my score?

Yes, however you must request this information from your program chair, coordinator or student advisor. It takes at least one week for the results to be sent to the program area.

If I have a question concerning my mathematics placement, whom do I contact?

You should contact your program chair or coordinator who will look at your test results including grade equivalent and profile as well as your secondary school mathematics background (courses taken and grades) to arrive at a decision. This must be done on or before the fifth day of class.

Will being placed in the preparatory mathematics course (MTH148) affect my ability to enter the cooperative education option or a university articulation stream?

No. The program student advisor or coordinator will discuss your pathway to cooperative education and articulation opportunities.

If I transfer into an Applied Science or Engineering Technology program (within Seneca) will I be required to take the math skills assessment test?

You may be required to take the Mathematics placement test.

The documents below (in PDF format) provide an overview of practice test and answer to the questions.

Practice Questions (1)
Practice Questions (2)
Practice Questions (3)
Practice Questions ANSWERS